• April Sister Cyclist, Erin Sander
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April Sister Cyclist, Erin Sander

Erin Sander is an avid traveler and explorer, and long time urban cyclist.  She and her fiancé, Evan hail from Calgary, AB, but  have been abroad for a couple years working and traveling to various destinations. They are currently living in Mexico City, and we've caught up with her to hear some of her impressions on cycling.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I have been living and working in Mexico City for almost two years. I teach at an international school. I use my background in musical theatre and dance to inspire six year olds to love math.

Tell us about your bike.

My current bike is a used retro cruiser that my fiancé bought me for a birthday gift when we first moved here. It came with a squeaky mushroom-shaped horn that I kept because it's rad. I like the step-through cruiser because I can comfortably wear dresses. 

What started you biking? 

I never really lost my love of biking from childhood. I had a brief timeout from cycling once when my bike was stolen, but now I have a massive motorcycle lock, so I can't be stopped. My fiancé and I even rent bikes whenever we travel because it is a great way to explore. 

What do you like best about travelling in your city?

Every Sunday since 2007, the major thoroughfare, Paseo de la Reforma and other streets downtown are closed to motorized traffic. Cyclists, pedestrians, pets, skaters, and people doing Zumba reclaim the streets. It's like a free weekly festival that attracts more than 10,000 people! Once a month, the event expands to a 30 km route called the Cicloton.

The city is really trying to promote cycling. They have created a bike-share program geared towards improving air quality and reducing rush hour gridlock. There is also a free bike rental service for tourists available in several neighbourhoods.

What is your favourite riyoko piece ( and what do you wear with it)?

I love the Sweater Love Dress so much that i have it in three different colours! I wear it with everything. It's practical and stylish. I need versatile clothing for work, and this piece goes from playground to meeting with the addition of a scarf and a blazer. It's better than a hoodie for biking, yoga, dance, and the gym because it doesn't flop around when I move.

Tell us a trick or tip you have for cycling/ travelling.

Small, cheap tweaks can make a used bike feel brand new. A new seat, some contoured handle grips, and a regular cleaning will encourage you to ride more often.

What is your philosophy?

Inside you there is sublime knowledge. Use it to suspend judgement and diminish negative projection. 

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