• May Sister Cyclist, Barbara Pietzykowski
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May Sister Cyclist, Barbara Pietzykowski

Barbara Pietzykowski has been one of riyoko's wonderful models for the last two seasons. She is an avid traveller, an engaged citizen, and she tells it like it is. Her energy and attitude bring life to the riyoko photoshoots every time. Can't wait for the next photoshoot! And although, it's May, she just got back from a trip to Iceland in March, so just a warning, this post mentions *snow*.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I like to learn, explore and go on adventures.

Tell us about your bike.

It's about as basic a bike as you can get. My dad built it for me. It's a little fixie.

What started you biking. 

When I was five, my mom and I spent the summer before my sister was born biking to the swimming pool for our lessons. I was in kid lessons, and she was in prenatal ones. We also biked to the library to read books. I remember the heat emanating from the pavement up to and onto my fingertips like hot wax as I held onto the handlebars with one hand and dangled my other arm down by my side as we rode. 

What do you like best about travelling in your city?

Calgary is quite flat, and the pathway network is amazing. Also, running into friends while biking is pretty great.

What is your favourite riyoko piece (and what do wear with it)?

I have several pairs of leggings. I have bamboo ones,  solid heather grey ones, and geometric lace ones. I like to layer them for winter adventures.


The bamboo layered with the solid heather grey ones were perfect for a recent hike on an Icelandic glacier.

Tell us a trick or tip you have for cycling or travelling.

Be comfortable, and take up as much space as you need to feel safe.

What is your philosophy?

That it's okay to start over. That you will never get anywhere if you don't try. Find good people to fill your life with. A hard week melts away in good company.

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