About Us

Travel + Style = Riyoko

Riyoko helps women get from point A to B in style. Riyoko believes clothing is necessary to our daily lives, yet it shouldn't dictate what we do, or how we do it; it should do it with us, and do it well. Whether by bike, by foot, by plane, to work, or to play, Riyoko provides comfortable, conscious, chic attire for women made with their movement in mind.

For the Journey

Riyoko began as a cycling-centered clothing company and has grown to encompass travellers, hikers, runners, skiers, dancers, yogis, moms, and moms-to-be. Riyoko is made for the journey, wherever it may take you. 

Good design + Good quality + Good people = Riyoko

Riyoko is thoughtfully designed by Kristi Woo of Calgary, Canada. Production started in Kristi's Calgary studio, where she designed, pattern made, and sewed all the pieces. Through hard work, and support from the community, production has since grown responsibly to include production outside the studio in Calgary. Riyoko believes in ethical fashion, a lower carbon footprint, and a smaller consumption footprint. Riyoko is 100% North American (Canada and the US) sourced, designed, and quality-made-to-last by people we know.