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ww<3 What We Love about Traveling in Another Locale

All of us at riyoko really enjoy traveling and this is what we love about it:

Kristi: Overall, I like blending in and trying to get an idea of what real life is like anywhere I go. I love finding the nooks and crannies of a city - like small bars, stores, parks,  and so on.

Secondly, I love checking out street art, flyers and brochures. I love seeing what styles of art exist in a city at the ground level.

Third, I love checking out the architecture and lines of a city. I like getting a sense of the history. Also, depending on the locale, if I can, I also like checking out the animal and plant life

Lastly, if I can do all of this by bike, that makes the journey and the places I discover even sweeter - <3 


Barb: First: well placed and comfy spots to sit.  My traveling companions and I were forced to have a nap on some park benches in Munich at seven am after a particularly restless overnight train ride.  We weren't allowed to check into the hostel until noon, and surprisingly the benches were quite ergonomic. 

Second: finding knitting and sewing stuff from around the world!  Also in Munich I found Hundertwasser themed yarn and a Pfaff store. 

Check out the photos.


Jordan: I love maps. I love reading them, making sense of them, what they look like and especially that they lead me on my adventures through the unknown or to get me back to where  I ended up from. Its the one thing when I'm traveling that I can really count on to be exact. I'm not much of a planner so as long as I have a map on hand I'll never find myself stuck somewhere.

...And speaking of maps, this may be the future of them.


Natalia: I like traveling to cities and love taking in the distinct culture of a new place. The last trip I took was to Montreal and I was taken with the laid back and genuine attitudes of the people I met while there. I especially loved how much art can be found, everywhere, living peacefully among the city's other inhabitants.


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