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ww<3 To Travel With and Never Leave Home Without

Kristi: Actually, there are four things I never leave home without: Of course, 1. My Bike, I don't know how I would get around without it, walking is too slow for me and driving is not my thing.

2. My bike lights - when I started biking, I thought it was no big deal to go lightless - until the day I almost super-crashed into another fun-loving cruiser rider. You may think it's not dark out and people can see you- but it is dark and people can't - so, lights! 

3. A hat or scarf - to deal with unruly hair after a long day, a late morning or unexpected cold weather. 

4. Vitamin E gel - works as hand cream and lip balm/gloss. It's compact, multipurpose and economical. I either cart around the whole tube or put it in a smaller container. 


Barb: My camera! I will take pictures of almost anything, pretty much anytime. 

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Jordan: I love to travel with and never leave home without my bicycle. While traveling, it lets me see more more efficiently, helps me initiate conversation with people who also enjoy biking, and generally makes for a more enjoyable sight seeing experience. Where I live it is my main mode of transportation. There is nothing I would rather walk to or drive to more than biking. It is my vehicle, my make shift bench, my fashion accessory, my pride and joy. I love my bike. 


Natalia: I never leave my house without a book, it's the perfect way to pass any wait time. As a student, I don't have much time to for non-required readings so I take the time I'm in transit to catch up with books I can just relax and enjoy (and not be tested on). 


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