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Bicyclist Accident Cards

Two days ago, on my ride home, an unexpected event occurred. I was in a minor accident with a car - It was minor and my arm was just bruised a little. However, it was also still an accident. There are many things I could talk about in regards to it, but I'm going to talk about the fact that I didn't have my my 'collision report' with me. The collision report* that I carry is actually geared more for cars, but cyclists can use it.

In the moments after the accident, there was a bit of shock and confusion. Both the driver and I knew that we should pull over and exchange information. However, what information to exchange? In those moments, it can be hard to think straight and if I had had the report on me, it would have been much simpler.

The problem with the current collision report form is that it isn't conveniently transportable, as it is just a regular 8.5" x 11" piece of photocopied paper, and  there is no extra information to help you with the accident included on the form either. While I was perusing the internet last night, I stumbled on theBicyclist's Accident Report cards, created by Josh Zisson and Bike Safe Boston.

They are pocket size and seem to contain the most pertinent information needed when you are in a collision. 

I can't wait to get a version of them here in Calgary. We are working on it! 

BTW for the peeps in SF: They are now available at Huckleberry Bicycles in SF.  

*Every province or state will have slightly different laws on how to report an vehicular accident but they will most likely require a collision report be filled out at the scene of the accident or that you go to the nearest collision reporting center to file a report, depending on the amount of damage incurred. You can easily find out what the procedures for your province or state are by googling it or by contacting the department of transportation in your province or state.

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