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Je Le Kiffe/I Dig It

This new feature is all about what we (riyoko ladies) have been digging and are inspired to share- each month we'll be covering a new topic or theme. First up, we want to discuss which spring fashion trendswe've been checking out and are looking forward to sporting.

Kristi: The spring fashion trend for hair is long and minimal- the slick wet look with a centre part... It's too bad I cut my hair short over the 2011 winter holidays! So, this spring the trend I'll be digging is finger-waves in my hair as it grows out, topped off with 1970s style scarves and sunglasses. <3


Jordan: The trends I'm excited to wear this summer are all have a Bohemian, 1970s feel. I can't wait to throw in floral prints, lace tights, wedge booties and headbands to soften up my spring look. <3

Dress found here and lace-look legging found here 

You can check out riyoko lace tights in our shop

Wedge booties found here


Natalia: Trends I'm excited to see and wear in spring are: pastel and muted colours perked up with hints of vibrant hues, long and flow-y silhouettes and a mix of "masculine" and "feminine" pieces. <3

Street style photos found here and here


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