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ww<3 (What We Love)

We at riyoko want to share the love this February- specifically, our love for urban travel. Up first, the riyoko team shares what we love about urban travel in our city (Calgary).

Kristi: What I love about travelling in YYC is what I love about travelling in any city - travelling by bike, interacting the urban enviros around me and treating myself to the experiences that open up to me on these rides. Particularly, I love the nostalgia and the vibrancy that the rides in the cities that I live in lend me. 

This includes Rotary Park. The view from Rotary park encapsulates a lot of routes I ride in Calgary and many of the places that I love(d). I can see the changing flows of human traffic in and out of Downtown Calgary, up and down the Bow River and all the way to the mountains. I can even pick out my Folks' neighborhood from there.  It  also sits directly above the Bow River and Chinatown and is situated in the neighborhood my Mother grew up in. It's a gem in this city, where I stop by often during my urban cycles around Calgary.

Barb: I love walking on the centre street bridge towards downtown, especially frosty days, and stopping for a minute to watch the ice chunks flow downstream.  And I love walking around taking pictures of the city, if I'm really lucky there will be steam  rising from the water (I haven't gotten a good shot of this yet).

Check out some of Barb's photos here

Jordan: I love the bike paths along the river. It puts me in a great mood while I'm on my way to work, events or just to hang out when I roll by the rushing water or frozen ice waves.

Natalia: I love taking in some of Calgary's beautiful views during my train commute. The one I look forward to the most is while approaching the city centre from the North, where you can see both the skyline and Riley Park. I love the river view as well but for me, this is the view that comes to mind when I picture Calgary.


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