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We know a lot of great guys that love cycling as well as our sister cyclists, so every once in a while, we'd like to feature them along with our sisters <3. For the first 'Citizen Cyclist' post we talked to two awesome cyclists (and humans in general) that we know in our local YYC community, Keely and Colin. 

Tell us a little about yourselves (specifically, all the rad bike stuff you two are into).

K: Over the past few years, I've started getting active in the bike scene in Calgary. I went to Burning Man 2009 and fell in love with the cycling culture there. I really wanted to find space for it in my everyday life, but, when I returned home, at first I found it intimidating to ride on the busy roads of Calgary. Through a small group of friends who also cycled, I gained confidence by riding in packs.

Since then, our small group of friends has turned into a playful, potluck-loving, bike gang known as the 'Bush Porn Babes'that meets every Tuesday and goes for rides. I have joined forces with the The Bike Root, a community bicycle shop based out of the University of Calgary. Officially, I am the Events Coordinator, but everyone involved with The Bike Root works hard to keep it going. I also had the privilege to join the Cyclepalooza committee and help support the success of the second year of that wonderful festival. Overall, it's been really great to see and encourage the growth of Calgary's cycling community

C: I'm a Calgary-raised fellow who enjoys the outdoors, tea, movies, candy, exploring, music, computers and, of course, riding my bicycle. I was working for a software start-up for about four years until I recently decided to leave and head off on a 3-ish month adventure riding the Great Divide Trail. (Note: Colin is on this very trip now!)

This summer I jumped into the Cyclepalooza Steering Commitiee, among others, and helped make the ten day DIY festival happen. It was a blast, and I learned many a thing. I continue to help out The Bike Root as a volunteer when I can and look forward to working with Open Streets more in the the future. It's been amazing to be part of the bike community in the past year.

K &C: As mentioned by Keely, we both organize a weekly potluck and bikeride with the Bush Porn Babes, which has grown from a few friends to a rotating group of over a hundred folks who stop by on different weeks to share food and enjoy a bike adventure. We've recently celebrated our one-year anniversary ( 52 consecutive potlucks!) and the potluck and ride shows no signs of slowing down!

This August, we brought Lucas Brunelle's new film 'Line of Sight' to the local indie cinema, The Plaza, so everyone could enjoy the flick on the big screen.

What do you like best about traveling in your city? What was the hook in cycling for you?

K: I've been biking in the city for a few years now and I'm still suprised by the large amounts of uncovered adventure that lays out there. It seems like I'll never tire of getting on my bike and finding new routes to get around town. The pathway system and share roads are ever-growing and it's nice to see the city working towards a more cycling-friendly community.

The hook for me is helping create a more open, friendly, and adventurous community. You're able to get places faster and have experiences on a biek that you'll never get by driving somewhere. You really can't see what's going on in your city when you're stuck in traffic.

C: I'm head-over-heels in love with the parks and extensive path system in Calgary. Despite the depressing nature of out far flung and spread-out city, I love that I can hop on my bike downtown and be in a beautiful area like Edworthy ParkNose Hill ParkFish Creek ParkThe Beaverdam FlatsThe Glenmore Resevoir or Bowmont Park in under an hour ( in some cases in only 10 minutes). It's magical.

I grew up in south Calgary, mountain biking all over the place with my friends. When I finished college, I moved down toSunnyside (the inner-city area) and picked up my first road bike ever. I was blown away by how much of the city was left to explore and how easy it was to find cool things.

(Note again: Colin is on a solo mission down to New Mexico right now, here is a link to his blog and here is: 

a photo of a beautiful lake he camped beside about a week ago 

and another... *Sigh!)

Colin, what riyoko piece would you buy (for a girl) and why?

C: Hot pants because...hot pants. 

Keely, what is your fav riyoko piece?

The gold snake/ leopard print Tights! I own because they are hip and comfortable! They are also pretty aerodynamic which helps me cycle faster!

What do you never leave home without?

K: My bike and a toque

C: A book ( a comic or my Kindle).

What is your philosophy?

C: Be nice to people and keep information accessible. I try to keep life simple and enjoy myself.

K: Anything that takes up time takes up your life. Make sure you're spending it on what's important.

Thanks for being so rad you two. Calgary is lucky to have you <3!

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