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ww<3 ~ End of Summer Playlists

The summer season is cooling off a little here in Calgary and Natalia is going back to school - well actually, she never really stopped while working with riyoko, and she's really getting serious now, so she's taking leave from riyoko. Natalia, you've been and will be missed!

As the last collective post with Natalia, we thought we would wrap it up with our end of summer playlist tops, the tunes we got stuck on during the beautiful, hot days in YYC and beyond. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


This summer was my first attempt at going to school all year round and it's kept me really busy, and to be honest, a little stressed. This has directly influenced what I've been listening to and I've found myself gravitating to really mellow, folky and generally wind-down kind of music. I was lucky to get to go to the first night of Folk Fest to see one of my favourite bands,Beirut, who were pretty awesome live. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch the rest of the weekend and am most sad about missing The Tallest Man on Earth. Although, I think he's playing Mac Hall in September, so I have another shot at it!

Lastly, since I've been so busy, I've been using 8 Tracks to find new music. It's really easy to use and you can put it in any combination of genre or mood that your feeling to come up with a user-made playlist that best fits your description. 


This summer has mostly been about biking, dancing and work for me - lots of energy and focus with a bit of chilling going on, so I think the music I'e been listening to has been either high entery or a little dreamy. This is a sampling of some of the tracks and albums that I've had on repeat ~

Moths - Down

Alt J ∆ -- Fitzpleasure

Bear Mountain - Survive (Germany Germany)

Grimes - Genesis

Chrome Sparks - Marijuana

Shoutoutoutout - Never the Same Way Twice

Junior Boys - In the Morning

Radio Radio - Sunrise/ All Inclusive War Tour (feat. Poncho French)

DJ Shadow - Six Days (Soulwax remix)

RAC vs. Hype Machine -  2011 Blog Zeitgeist Mix

Dutchess Says -  everything I can get my hands on!

Happy rest of your summer days <3!

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