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Sister Cyclist <3 Caitlin Mosher

This month's Sister Cyclist is Caitlin Mosher, riyoko's rad new Design Assistant! Cailtin joined forces with riyoko in August - yeah! So happy she is on board, here is a little bit about her:

Tell us about a little about yourself.

 I'm from Kingston, Ontario, but I've been in Calgary for  12 years now. I'm a student at the U of C ( University of Calgary) in my last year of Greek and Roman studies, and I plan to do my masters in Classical Archaeology, I'm also a volunteer at CJSW! (University radio station)

What do you like best about travelling in your city?

I like how once you get out of the 'burbs, a.k.a, the boonies, there are bike paths on the roads, so you don't feel like you have to get on the sidewalk. I guess I'm a newish cyclist and I still get nervous on the roads. I think this is changing though.

What is your fav riyoko piece?

I love the no.1 blazer. Hands down.

What do you never leave home without?

My iPod and hair elastics... which I sometimes forget.

Tell us a little about your bikes <3.

I have two bikes, one of which is pretty much out of commission. I got it from Canadian Tire a few years ago before I really got into bicycling and thought cruisers were neat. It's falling apart, but it looks nice! My other bike is a tiny road bike that I bought from my friend Ellie. It's an orange Apollo, and it's the best bike I've ever had.

What are you up to these days?

Preparing for school and working. This is my last year of school and I want to blow all my classes out of the water. I'm pretty excited - I'm taking a research seminar on Roman empresses, pretty cool, huh?

(Kristi: uh, yeaahh!)

What is your philosophy?

Everything happens for a reason.

Super stoked to have you working with riyoko, Caitlin! Woot! <3!

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