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I thought, perhaps the more of us wearing masks, perhaps, the less we will spread Covid-19, so to hep in the cause, I've redesigned an ok fitting olsen mask with:

  • consistent fit around the face with no gaps
  • two layers of 100%  Canadian sourced cotton wovens, and/ or 100% organic cotton knits
  • a nose wire pocket ( nose wire not included)
    • ties that fit the top of the head, and the base of the neck for better fit
      • and you can cut the elastic shorter to fit around your ears while maintaining mask fit
    • a cordlock toggle to make it easier to put on
    • a filter pocket
      • the first hepa filter is included. It is one use.
      • The Hepa fliters are made from new Hepa Vacuum Bag fabric that we cut in the studio. The do not have fibreglass in them. For more info and links to research that I did, you can check it out here. The filters are replaceable. The above link gives a few alternative materials you can make them out of. Here is a tutorial on how. 
      • The Corona virus is 0.3 microns, and the vacuum bag material that we are using is said to filter down to 0.3 microns for particles. I am not saying that these will be 100% effective, as no mask is, but from the research, masks that are mad of tightly woven cottons that are layers can be up to approximately between 60% to 70% effective, and with the hepa filter layer, their effectiveness is increased. 
    • Size Chart is here
      • masks fit from children to large adult face ( beards too!) 

    And a little more about the masks:

    •  the masks will be made in our studios where we disinfect all high touch surfaces that we are using, including tables, chairs, machines, door knobs,  and tools. And of course, we are washing our hands regularly.
    • The cost of the masks pay for materials &  fair wage labor. Labour will include myself and my wonderful sewers, Lily, Myra, and Bri, who are low on work as many of us are - and who have mad sewing skills. And my sister, Lyndi who does all the behind the scenes organization so I can concentrate on design, cutting, and production
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          • If you live in Calgary, you will be able to do curbside pick-up or have them mailed. If you live outside of Calgary, they can be mailed. Shipping will vary depending on where you live, and how fast you would like your mask(s)
          • Curbside pick-up will be at cSpace
        • Lastly, I want to state that I am not a hepa filter or mask expert or scientist in any terms. I did research that I can share with you if you would like. I am, however, a quality designer and maker,  and I do know fibers, so I will use the highest count cottons I have; And, to the best of my ability, I will build the best masks that I can.
        To our collective health and efforts in the days to come.


        Kristi Woo

        Designer & Founder 


        Prints still available: updated Tuesday, October 6 at 11pm MDT



        (M): Spring Floral, Pineapple Paradise, Black Slub, Round Robin, Cardinals

        (L)Pineapple Paradise, Black Floral, Bikes, Geo Gold Boxes, Geo Gold Butterflies, Mushroom Parade, Cardinals, Black Slub, Whales, Denim Slub, Heather Forest, Round Robin


        3 yr to 6 yrBlack Floral, Geo Gold Boxes, Geo Gold Butterflies, Cardinals, Round Robin, Birch

        7 yr to 12 yr: Spring Floral, Pineapple Paradise, Black Floral, Geo Gold Boxes, Geo Gold Butterflies, Cardinals, Round Robin, Penguins


        If you want to order a mask, and you do not make this order - please email info@riyoko.ca, and we will put you on the list for the next order. 

        Thank you for your ongoing support!

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