• Bike Root's Tour de France
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Bike Root's Tour de France

Laissez les bon temps rouler! 

The good times were indeed rolling at the Tour de France/French tour of Calgary put on by the lovely folks at the Bike Root and the UofC French club. The ride was an ideal way to soak up the bright skies that we've been missing so dearly lately. It was also a great excuse to fill the streets with stripes, a few berets and a certain je ne sais quoi. 

Getting a rundown of the ride and an intro to the Tour de France from Olivia, who came prepared with a baguette in tow!

Colin and Olivia from the Bike Root

Jeff definitely had one the night's best costumes


Before the ride, we caught up with Barbara:

What do you like best about travelling in your city?

For me, biking is the perfect pace. It allows me to get to where I need to be quickly but it's also easy to stop into a shop or to visit with friends I see along my way. 

What do you never leave home without?

My water bottle and sunglasses.

What is your philosophy?

Always be on the lookout. There are adventures around every corner. 


Sisters - Barbara and Natalia gearing up for the ride. 

This is unrelated to the ride, but we just had to share it. In the parking lot where we gathered, there was a man encouraging people to try to ride his pennyfarthing. It was awesome, we so wish he could have joined us for the ride!

Merci bien to the Bike Root gang and the French Club for organizing such a wonderful night. Quel plaisir!

<3 riyoko

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