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Zara Ansar <3 June Sister Cyclist

Zara Ansar is riyoko's Sister Cyclist for June <3. She is a co-founder of Ottawa Velo-Vogue, tied into the making of Ottawa's Plaid Parade last fall, is an stellar photographer and multi media artist, a fresh dresser, a fellow sister cyclist, and amongst other events, and initiatives she has organized the upcoming Ottawa Velo Vogue Fashion Show and Sale this Saturday June 1. Riyoko will be there on the runway and we will have a booth -- all thanks to Zara - an all round awesome human being.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am an Ottawa born artist/ videographer with a love for repetitive patterns and bright colours. I enjoy taking photos of lovely people ( mostly with their bikes), filming weird music videos, and being a VJ at various parties in Ottawa. I love wearing costumes and being strange and out the ordinary.

During the day, I'm a videographer, and at night, I'm a ninja doing anything from graphic design, drawing/ painting/ printing, riding my bikes (not at the same time) to filing and photographing cool things and people - always have to be doing something creative otherwise life would be dull.

I also enjoy cooking extremely spice food that will leave you in pain (but it's sooooo worth it), listening to electronic music/ disco, making people laugh and dabbling into electronic music with my many synthesizers.

Tell us a little about your bike.

I have two bikes! One is a Pake bike which my lovely boyfriend Greg put together for me and suprised me with one day. It's fast and gets me around town. My other bike is a bright yellow Bobbin Birdie. This bike is great when I'm not in a hurry, need to cart around my photo equipment and to generally look super awesome on it!

What started you biking?

I started biking when I was a kid and loved the feelign of being on a bike and getting around faster. I stopped biking after my bike was stolen, and then started up again after meeting Greg ( he was a pro cyclist). I love getting around by bike because it's healthier, I don't have to wait in traffic in a car, and it's much cheaper!

What do you like best about travelling in your city?

I live near the canal, so I have amazing access to bike paths!

What is your favorite riyoko piece (and what do you wear with it?)

My absolute favourite riyoko piece is my leopard print leggings. I wear them to work  with black dresses, and skirts a lot. At home and when I'm out and about, I wear them with long neon tank tops and bold sneakers, or I mix crazy patterned tops/ dresses with them.

What do you never leave home without?

Definitely my camera, gotta capture those lovely people on bikes. Also my cell phone, gotta stay connected on social media!

What is your philosophy?

Do what makes you happy, be the change you want to see in this world, stay positive, keep improving, be creative, have fun and be crazy.


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