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Busy Summer Making

Things are brewing at Riyoko, many to be revealed in the couple months. And, this summer has been a trip, in the literal and metaphoric sense. Riyoko travelled to Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa between May and June. On return to Calgary, the city experienced a 100 year Flood in June. In the mix of June to July were also the fave local music festival, Sled Island, and Cyclepalooza, in which riyoko is a big part of. 

Amongst all of this, there has been a revolving soundtrack which has been whittled down to a random few in the last week or two; so, to wrap up these lazy, busy summer months heading into fall, here is the riyoko short-ish... list for summer tunes:

  1. Where I'm Going - Cut Copy
  2. All Over the World - ELO
  3. Give Life Back to Music - Daft Punk
  4. Foreign Languages (featuring Jess) - Flight Fantasies 
  5. New York - Angel Haze
  6. Lose Yourself to Dance - Daft Punk
  7. Close to Me - The Cure
  8. Sexy but Sparkly - Deerhoof
  9. Om Nashi Me - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes
  10. Black Rice - Women
  11. Pretty in Pink - Psychedelic Furs
  12. Recover - CHVCHES
  13. Homa - PeterPeter
  14. 363N63 - King Krule
  15. Same Love ( feat. Mary Lambert) - Macklemore
  16. Gigantic - the Pixies
  17. Xanadu - Olivia Newton John & ELO
  18. Out Getting Ribs - King Krule

Any other suggestions? The studio can always use fresh music!

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