• The Travel Diaries | Haida Gwaii
The Travel Diaries | Haida Gwaii

Hi Everyone, 

We hope you have been enjoying the beauty of summer wherever you are. At the tail end of this wonderful season, we wanted to share our latest installment of the Travel Diaries where we caught up with our friend Carla. Carla recently spent a month in Haida Gwaii. Take a peek below to see what she was up to and how her fave Riyoko piece saw her through her travels! 

Let' start with a quick rundown: 
1. Who are you - Carla!
2. What were you doing - WWOOF'ing for a month

3. Where were you going - Haida Gwaii

4. When did you go - May-June 2015

5. Why were you there - To help on an organic farm and get out of the city
6. How did you get there - Bus, plane, ferry and bicycle

I went WWOOF'ing on an organic farm for a month on Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands), an archipelago off the Northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms and is a great way to travel on a budget and integrate yourself with the local community. I also got to learn a lot of organic gardening, the Haida culture and life on a more isolated island.

Haida Gwaii - WWOOfing

I packed up my bicycle and flew into Sandspit from Vancouver. After putting it back together and spending the night at a local hostel, I biked to the ferry to Queen Charlotte City and then headed up the coast to Tlell. It was about 45-55km in total. I packed light with only my bicycle box for checked luggage. One pannier, a small backpack and a purse were my carry-ons. I had to take versatile clothes that would be able to do double duty, so I took my Classic Riyoko Tights in black. They were perfect for the cooler, rainy days as they were quick to dry even in the damp ocean air.

Haida Gwaii is known for its wildlife and unspoiled beaches and islands. The southern half of the islands are all a National Park joint managed by the Haida First Nation. There is also a huge Provincial Park, Naikoon, which covers the Northeast corner of the main island.

Carla's pics - Beach

One of the best bike adventures I had on the Island was a trip from Tlell to Meyer Lake. We loaded up my bike with paddles and headed off for the 20km ride. We then canoed across the lake, had a fire and lunch, then did the whole thing in reverse.

Thanks for sharing Carla! WWOOF'ing sounds like a great way to travel and a really cool experience. We are also always so intrigued to hear about all the unique places that British Colombia has to offer! 

As always, if you have a great story to share about your travels and how your favourite Riyoko pieces saw you through your adventure -- let us know

Until next time, 


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