• Rosalyn Faustino <3 September/ October Sister Cyclist
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Rosalyn Faustino <3 September/ October Sister Cyclist

Rosalyn is a close friend in Toronto who is formerly from Calgary. I met Ros through Jerisse de Juan, another very close friend, and collaborator at riyoko. Ros is an avid cyclist, a very talented and thoughtful textile artist, and a truly lovely human being all around.

Tell us about yourself:

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I studied in Calgary and Toronto focusing on sculpture, design, and installation work using textile and domestic techniques.

Tell us a little about your bike(s):

I have two - a cosmic latte colour cruiser named Lady Chunks which is now in storage. My everyday bike is a Supercycle from Canadian Tire. I got it second-hand. I named her Cherry Bomb. She's fast, she's cute, and she's bomb diggity.

What started you biking?

I rode my first double in Toronto and fell in love with biking again. A few months afterwards, I received my cruiser as a gift and have been riding ever since!

What do you like best about traveling in your city?

It's better than taking the TTC (transit). I never realized how much stuff you miss when you're taking the TTC in comparison to a bike. 

What is your favourite riyoko piece?

Kristi - I lovelove the arm warmers! 

Tell us a trick or tip you have for cycling:

Just like Calgary weather - wear layers! 

What is your philosophy?

Trust life.

Ros is also a former member of the Toronto Craft Alert, and will be vending at the City of Craft 2014, in Toronto this December 14-15, 2013, so if you are in T.O please go by and check out the show. I've only seen photos, but I want to buy everything in them!


Photographer: Jerisse de Juan

  • kristi woo

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