• Salutations from Vegas!
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Salutations from Vegas!

Hello Good People! 

Salutations from Vegas! We made it! Our luggage has been delayed but we made it! We got in last night and got to our hotel?and crashed. Good solid sleep and ready to set up for...

INTERBIKE <3 (www.interbike.com)


First I want to give a shout out thanks to all the people who have helped get me here:

Mom, Dad, Kari, Richard, Sarah, Hoyee, AJ, Ajay, Cam, Heather, Jerisse, Rosalyn, Jessica, Laura at Maranda, Calvin at Instant Signs, Nick at Bow Cycle, Steve at Outdoor Approach and Foon Yap.

Much love <3

And US Customs - you made my journey to Vegas yesterday, like a suspense thriller sequence. I just made my flight;)

Today, is set up and acquiring our URBANA (www.urbanabikes.com) bikes to cruise around town.

Can't wait for the real event to begin tomorrow!

Vive le Velo!



  • kristi woo

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