• Givin'r in 2011
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Givin'r in 2011

Happy 2011!

Hope you're holidays were smashing and relaxing ~

The last couple months have been busy for riyoko. After Interbike, I'd begun looking for a new studio, just researching for January 2011, when I'd planned to make a move. However, in October, I was offered a killer deal on a studio that I couldn't refuse. So, three months ahead of schedule, I moved into a new studio space with much more space ~ I never realized how small my previous studio was until I had this much room!

In November, I showed at the SF Bike Expo and met up with the good people at Mission Bicycle Co., select styles of the shirtbands and the arm warmers are now in-store at Mission, and soon to be on their website.

Also, in November, I got some unexpected news! I'm a finalist in the ISPO Brand New Awards in Germany! A seriously dope honor. Thank you ISPO. However, timing coincides with riyoko's Spring 2011 production, so I won't be able to make the show at the beginning of February. A serious honor though ~ Serious.

And lastly, lately, beyond bicycles, I've been really charged by:

* the politics and polarization of local, national and global communities around our rights to water, the privatization of it, and it's domino effect.

Below are two stellar documentaries on the subject. Try and make time to check them out.



* contributing back into the kind of world I'd like to conserve and regain. Recently, I've been researching the non-profitsriyoko can contribute to through 1% for the Planet. There are tonnes, so, if you have any suggestions, let me know. I'd love some input from riyoko lovers as to which direction you're interested in donating.

More news, tricks and treats are up my sleeve...but that will have to wait...until next time...<3. Hope your January is going swimmingly wherever you are and your bikes and feet are taking you to wonderous spaces and places.

Vive le Velo! <3!



"... Verb used across English speaking Canada since the early 1970's with roots in the Western Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta meaning 1) to work very hard. 2) to get wasted and rock as hard as possible. 3) To finish a job or task in an efficient and quick manner"  - www.urbandictionary.com

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