• Travels to T.O: Day Two & Three
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Travels to T.O: Day Two & Three

After a short and much needed sleep, it was back on the bike for a bright and early meeting at Curbside Cycle...

...I have to admit, I got my meeting with Eric and Mike mixed into day one, when really it was on day two. Conversations were so good each day -- it seemed like one melded into the next. Great staff - Great peeps - I look forward to bumping into them my next trip back to T.O and at Interbike 2012 in September.

After Curbside, I scooted down to the CSI in Chinatown to meet up with my branding guru, Heather at BRIGGS Strategy, only to find she was actually just down the street from Curbside at the other CSI building so, I biked it back up across a couple neighbourhoods. Toronto streets are so beautiful to ride, it was no matter. It's one of the things I love most about downtown T.O (DNTO). Although, I will always advocate for safer cycling infrastructure on main roads, in T.O, I never found it, and still don't find it a problem to get from one neighbourhood to the next because of all the side roads you can take through one neighbourhood to the next. These streets are steeped in history and character and spattered with parked bikes and the occasional cyclist eye candy. No matter what season, Toronto side streets are a joy to ride. I took no photos, just the ones in my memory and heart, but I promise to take some for you next time, pinky swear.

I then, scooted back down Chinatown to the CSI Spadina where I met Heather of Dandyhorse Magazine for a fine chat about girls and bicycles, a conversation to which we will be privy when she has hammered out the details - we will keep you posted. Double pinky swear.

and this takes us to  Day Three:

On Day Three, I ventured into my old 'hood of Little Portugal around College and Dovercourt to visit with the good fellows at Cycle Couture

This was my first meeting with Jeff, Shane and Adam and I hope to make their acquaintance again. It was a real pleasure. The store is filled with beautiful bikes and accessories, and bustling with action. 

RZ met me there and was equally as impressed, he almost bought a bike, but settled for a new tweed Rickshaw top tube sleeve and a Ynot celly holder.

A store around the corner from my old apartment - adeptly named after me:

After Cycle Couture, we hit Trinity Bellwoods Park and Queen West for a stroll and picked up some sweet treats for that night's dinner's dessert from Nadege Patisserie

... delicious, right? right. If you are ever in T.O, I highly suggest stopping by this pastry shop and taste testing some of their goods. These particulars were all gluten-free. 

And these delectable desserts were precluded by a coming together of old friends from Ryerson Fashion days (Rye High) and a little fashion princess who insisted we dine in formal hat attire.

And this is Day Three concluded. 

Toronto = Good Friends, Creative and Innovative Conversation and Bike rides abound <3

Heather and Anthony at the AGO (We also went here <3)

peace <3

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