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ww<3 Great Gifts

Kristi: I love giving small surprises like trick toys from specialty toy shops. I find these at Livingstone and Cavell here in Calgary or the Ontario Specialty Co. shop in T.O. I also like giving flowers from my garden and sharing useful things like garden raspberries and chives or fresh baked goods. These gifts are heartfelt, personal and, best of all, edible- doesn't everyone like to get freshly baked goods?  

Sakatoon berry and cherry pie (yeah!)

It's about the same for the gifts I receive, really, anything anyone gets me that has heart and thought behind it is always a welcome surprise. <3


Natalia: I think handmade gifts are really special to give and receive. A friend once made me a beautiful fabric covered journal and another gave me a framed print, I still cherish both.  

I don't think you can go wrong when you give a well chosen book or piece of jewellery as a gift. For books, I love shopping at Fair's Fair on 17th ave. For great jewellery, I love to check out street fairs like the upcoming Lilac Festival and, of course,Market Collective

I also like to make cards instead of buying them. They're simple and usually silly but well appreciated. It's just nice when someone makes something for you! Here's a sample:

<3 riyoko

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