• Sister Cyclist, Lindsay Shedden
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Sister Cyclist, Lindsay Shedden

In Calgary, the month of June is almost synonymous with Sled Island Festival. The jam-packed event brings a plethora of new music, art and film experiences to the city each year. Our streets become alive with excitement and are filled with the flow of cyclists making their way from one venue to the next- as they try to see and do as much as they can possibly handle. 

We were lucky to get a few minutes to chat with the very busy Festival Director Lindsay Shedden, who we're proud to call our June Sister Cyclist! Get to know a little bit about Lindsay and what she's been hard at work with for Sled Island.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Lindsay and I'm 31 years old. I'm the Festival Director of Sled Island and I'm Co-Owner of Prohab Helmet Society. I love animals, my bicycle, my man, my friends and summertime. Oh, and getting rad. I also love that...and playing baseball. 

What do you like best about travelling in your city?

I love how flat Calgary is since I'm not in especially good shape. It's a super pretty city and the bike paths along the river are beautiful. I always see lots of animals- eagles, deer, prairie dogs and beavers when I take the paths. And, there are a lot of parks that are bike accessible to play baseball. 

What is your favorite riyoko piece?

The arm thingies [a.k.a three-way armwarmers]. I'm kind of prone to being cold so they keep me warm when the wind is ripping.  

What do you never leave home without?

My computer. I'm on my computer so much these days...Sled Island is a week away! Usually though, my bike, helmet, sunglasses, and a smile. Oh, and money for beers and snacks. 

What is your philosophy?

Hahaha- Smile, help others, learn from everyone and party often. 

What's new with Sled Island this year? What are you most excited about?

It's just so huge! We have more bands, more shows, more art, more film and more comedians. We partnered with the City of Calgary to install a ton of temporary (and a lot more permanent) bike racks to make it easier for people to park bikes at venues. We've partnered with some great companies like The Good Life to offer bike rentals to out of town guests and artists, and we're campaigning for people to be safe on the road. Don't ride wasted, wear a helmet and respect the traffic. Be safe out there, people. Sled Island loves you!

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